I think we need to talk... about gluten.

I can't eat gluten.

It makes my body attack my intestines causing extreme discomfort and malabsorption. Back in 2013 the consequences of this included a drowning depression, significant weight loss, mysterious skin rash and complete lack of energy past 5:30 pm.

Adorable, right?

I am proud to say that now I am healthy for the first time in probably five years. All thanks to being one of those g-free people. I am unmarried, 26, and cook for just me 90% of the time. I date, I work, and I like to drink past the recommended 1 to 2 cocktails on the weekends.

So, this blog is my way to talk to the women like me; the ones who are new to this lifestyle, or just sick of making gluten-free meals that serve four instead of one. This is for the girls who find dating unbearable enough without the added pressure of a socially awkward disease, and this is for the girls who just need to hear a story like theirs.

But mostly this is for me. Thanks for reading my little stories about this big disease. Your comments and stories help keep me going!

Love and light, my celiacs.

Lauren McClelland