Single & Celiac

Twenty-something. Gluten-free everything.

"Looking for a meet without the wheat"

Something happens to you when you've been bored at work for too long: the resolution to many of life's "should I...?" questions often becomes, "hell, why not?" Admittedly, it's often that boredom and tequila shots can lead you to the same conclusion, but who am I to judge the ways of the world? Anyway, today was the day I joined

Like, for real. (Or more like the "ironic" kind of real that the hipsters like to champion. Please allow me to use this opportunity to jump on the bandwagon of the deliberate attacking of an entire sub-culture while shamelessly transitioning to a clip from one of muh faves TV shows that has little relevance to this post at all.)

RIP Happy Endings.

But in all honesty my thinking (and the creators of the site's thinking) is wouldn't it be SO much easier if my significant other had to be GF, too?! Think of the convenience! Think of all the hassle and awkward conversations and "new guy" learning curve that could be avoided!

I basically had myself married by the time I had finished filling out my profile.

And, as life should have it, my closest "neighbor" on the site is in Minnesota. Turns out there are no gluten free singles in my zip code. Or city. Or state. I felt like the bartender had forgotten to give me a lime.

But, one guy admits to "looking for a meet without the wheat."

. . . Over it.

I found out I didn't want to date a dude because of how he treated my cupcakes.

Good day, green bean stir-fry