Single & Celiac

Twenty-something. Gluten-free everything.

Is this Heaven?

Have ya'll seen this? Sweet mother of pearl, the fact that these kind people at Del Posto in NYC have taken the time to give me and my peeps the same dining experience as anyone else blows my mind.

"People have cried. One gentlemen got up from the table and gave me a huge bear hug."

Ummmmm, of course he did. How could you not?!

The part at 1:24 is what gets me right in the tear jerker: the goal was to make the gluten-free dining experience unrecognizable from the glutenous one.

THAT is major! Why can't every place be like this?!

Mark Ladner, I'd like to buy you a (unrecognizable to the table as gluten-free or glutenous) beer.

I quit.

KC GF BBQ - my favorite acronyms.