Single & Celiac

Twenty-something. Gluten-free everything.



God, I think I'm funny. But for real - wtf?! We get a whole month of awareness!? A whole damn month to excessively share our farty, barfy, poopy, itchy, pre-G to post-G redemption stories?! I mean, I know I already do this on a pretty consistent basis, but now I've literally got the soapbox reserved for an ENTIRE MONTH.

And have you guys seen this #positiveceliac thing that's been swimming around on Twitter? I LIKE it. I'd Facebook Like that shit if I could, but Google and Apple haven't yet fully taken over the world and merged all the great internet platforms into one conglomerate called Googtwiappbook.

Anyway, I know I am the Queen B of whining and complaining about this disease, but lezberull - knowing I had it saved my life. Every single part of my existence has improved by getting off the G.

So this month, I shall refrain from complaining! (okay... no promises). But what I will do is make a conscious effort to politely, non-aggressively, and optimistically share a few of my favorite reasons for being single and celiac. AND I might even trick the g-eating skeptics into eating more of my noms. "I just don't know how you do it?!" OH YEAH? You just did eat that taco I made you pretty easily.

Undiagnosed-but-should-be-but-you-won't-go-get-the-test-done-you-dummies g-eaters, watch out. I'm taking you and your sad, desolate intestines out.

With love,

My happy, healthy being

Bye, bye, bye! (Bye, bye!)

Potatoes, please.

Holidays: The Good. The Bad. The Ugly.