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I lost my head in San Francisco*


*Correction: I lost my freaking miiiiind. The only perk about having friends who move to various ends of the country is that you then have various destinations to visit. Such was the case with my recent trip to San Francisco where I met up with another #weirdbowlsoffood fanatic like myself. Yes there were a few bridges, a chocolate factory by a beach, and a few homeless people, but my main priority on this trip was to eat great food.

Mission accomplished. See below.

Dottie's True Blue Cafe

Ever since eating the most amazing brunch meal I've ever had, I semi-creepily fantasize about Dottie's every morning. The savory zucchini cake, the perfectly poached egg combined with that spicy marinara sauce. Yes, my friends that was just one part of my brunch bounty. Throw in some home potatoes and a bowl of the freshest fruit I've ever received from a restaurant, and prepare for a freakout.

"Now hold up - you said 'zucchini cakes?' but, flour… gluten… death… how?" is probably precisely what crossed your mind about four seconds ago.



The saints at Dottie's are allllllll about the rice flour! I was directed here mainly for their gluten-free pancakes (which I am sure are delicious, and I was amped to get) but found that they use rice flour for all kinds of other dishes, too! Including this special, the zucchini cakes. That my friends, is the power of having an open dialogue with your waiter about what's going on with your insides - otherwise I would have never gorged on such a delightful, g-ful-esque, normal brunch.

If you live in San Fran, or you're going to San Fran do not be a dummy and miss out on this.

Dante's Weird Fish

I'll be honest about this one - Dante's Weird Fish was mildly disappointing because of a sheer technicality with their food preparation.

I was directed to Dante's Weird Fish, a wacky hole-in-the-wall filled with sailor trinkets and 7-Deadly-Sins-inspired paraphernalia, for their gluten-free fish 'n chips. Kinda weird, kinda fun, kinda my kind of place. And I haven't had fish 'n chips for over a year. Sold.



While they doooooooo have a gluten-free fish 'n chip batter, they yuck it up for us celiacs by frying them in the same frier as the g-ful dishes. Dante's Weird Fish, I think we need to add another "sin" to your list.

But okay, wah wah, we all can forgive those small technicalities so long as there are fish tacos to help dry our tears. Which there were. So, Weird Fish, you've been pardoned. These fish tacos were loaded with cabbage, a chipotle sauce, some mango, and came with a side of rice and beans (which you have to ask them to be without some kind of shallot accouterment - apparently their shallots are covered in gluten? Fried with gluten? I don't know. I'm just glad my waitress had my back here.)




Also known as: Utopia.

My friend told me that there was this gluten-free bakery in the Ferry Building, and I figured she meant there were three or four things there that were g-less.



Pretzels (the soft kind!), muffins, cupcakes, cookies, graham crackers, biscotti, quiche, croissants, sandwiches, rolls, baguettes, CHEESECAKE.

The list goes on and on.



The highlight of my trip might have been stumbling upon this glorious bakery. Within 30 seconds I purchased a quiche - red pepper, onion, tomato, gruyere cheese! - and a ham and cheese croissant, then nearly cried while eating both on a bench overlooking the sea later. It tasted as close to having gluten in it as it possibly could.

After I gorged on those brunch items I went back to Mariposa to fill my goodie bag for home. I've been craving biscotti and graham crackers for who knows how long, and hot damn, theirs are delicious. And reasonably priced! Both were around $7-$8 dollars and have lasted me almost two weeks now. So many of their items are also dairy-less and soy-less - friendly to everyone's stomachs!

I was about to head out when I saw it. In the cooler by the drinks - cheesecake. 

I think you can imagine what happened next.

Mariposa, you are the most wonderful bakery in existence and I implore you to please expand your locations and take over the g-ful world.

My undying thanks.

So, all in all, if you're looking for a decent gluten-free San Francisco experience hit up these spots. My tummy was happy I did.

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