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Thank you notes!


Jimmy Fallon forever, amiright? Hello friends, and welcome to the first week of January. Hangovers are curing. Diets are starting. And optimism is spreading like an open bottle of glitter.

But more importantly, it's time for some thank you notes!

This year I participated in a fun gluten-free blogger secret santa exchange put on by the Celtic Celiac. I loved this idea, loved sending my gift off, and especially loved what I received from my secret santa, Anti-Wheat Girl!




Yeah guys, that's a CORKCICLE - a.k.a. a frozen rod to keep your wine chilled, a.k.a. the greatest invention ever - a fancy cheese stone and a fun little cheese spreader made out of cork to tie the whole thing together. Anti-Wheat Girl, thank you so much!

In case you guys aren't familiar, Anti-Wheat Girl is basically a wizard. Besides having a killer blog, she's got a MASTERS in Biotechnology, publishes awesome infographics like this,

Graphic by the Adventures of Anti-Wheat Girl

and makes this face about ice cream:

OMG @DFMavens is amazing!!! SO MUCH #dairyfree#glutenfree ice cream to get me through my MCAT prep! THANK YOU

— Anti-WheatGirl (@AntiWheatGirl) September 10, 2014


Thanks again, and happy new year everyone!

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