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Twenty-something. Gluten-free everything.

Even my dog is gluten-free


Introducing, Rocket! Yep, that's right. Like many a single, twenty-something female I got a pet. Rocket is a Basset Hound and Rottweiler mix (it's as weird as it sounds, yes) who was given to a local shelter at the age of eight. He's short, slow, grumpy and lazy, like all old dogs should be. But most importantly for the sake of this blog, he's gluten-free.

Pre-celiac I would have scoffed at such an idea. I think I even went on a long, ignorant rant once to one of my friends about the "gluten-free pet food movement." But hey, it makes sense now, and karma you're still tacky and I hate you.

I'm pretty sure Rocket isn't gluten-intolerant, but for my own safety I'd rather not have gluteny crumbs all over his bowl and stuck in his fur. I like to practice safe snuggling, you know? Imagine having to explain how you got glutened from your dog... what? Insert embarrassing story about your home life here.

What I've noticed about dog foods though, is that a lot of them are grain free but not necessarily gluten-free.  As always this is thanks to our dear friend, barley (bastard).

But I've found a few that are 100% a-okay for Fido and me. So here's my rundown of some gluten-free dog foods. I am in no way an expert on canine nutrition, but I am quite good at reading ingredient labels.



Rachael Ray NUTRISH® Zero Grain

Available GF flavors:

  • Turkey and Potato Recipe
  • Beef with Bison Recipe
  • Salmon and Sweet Potato Recipe

Yes, I've been a RR fan ever since "30 Minute Meals," and God love her, this efficient superwoman has done it again. Rocket was pretty keen on the Turkey and Potato Recipe, and I image the others are quite delish as well. There's nothing too mysterious about any of the ingredients on the packaging, and you even get Rachael's taste-test of approval. She says she would never make a dog food recipe that she wouldn't eat herself.

She gets it.

The website has a great store locator (always efficient, that RR) so you can easily find out where the closest bag of dog noms is for you.



Beyond® Grain Free Dog Food

Available GF flavors:

  • Tuna and Egg Recipe Dry Dog Food
  • Beef, Potato and Green Bean Recipe Wet Dog Food
  • Chicken, Carrot and Pea Recipe Wet Dog Food
  • Salmon and Sweet Potato Recipe Wet Dog Food

Here's where I'll have to give Rocket's endorsement. He loves the Tuna and Egg Recipe Dry Dog Food from Beyond®. To me, this sounds like one of those combos that you vow to never reveal on Instagram or ever recreate again. But my little buddy digs it, so whatever. We tried the Beef, Potato and Green Bean Recipe Wet Dog Food once and while it appeared scrumptious, it was also a bit luxurious. I gotta keep him grounded, ya know?

Once again, there's a store locator on the site, so apparently everyone has caught on to being as helpful as possible online. Well done!



Merrick Grain Free Dry Dog Food

Available GF flavors:

  • Healthy Weight Recipe
  • Puppy Recipe
  • Real Buffalo and Sweet Potato Recipe
  • Real Chicken and Sweet Potato Recipe
  • Real Duck and Sweet Potato Recipe
  • Real Lamb and Sweet Potato Recipe (they're really into sweet potatoes...)
  • Real Pork and Sweet Potato Recipe (not that I blame them - sweet potatoes are amazing)
  • Real Salmon and Sweet Potato Recipe (and I suppose they do go with just about every protein)
  • Real Texas Beef and Sweet Potato Recipe
  • Real Turkey and Sweet Potato Recipe
  • Small Breed Recipe

To be honest, Rocket has never had any of these sweet potato + meat combos, but they sound so tasty that they've given me a few new ideas for my human dinners. Merrick seems like a company that has their stuff together - they use locally-sourced whole foods for their recipes and handcraft each batch of kibbles.

They too have a store locator on their site, so everybody wins!

All of these companies make kitty food too, so if you feel more for the felines (see what I did there?) you'll probably something suitable for them.

Maybe I'm nuts for taking such precaution with my roommate/best friend/little buddy/son/companion's diet, or maybe it's just good practice for the future. I don't know what I'm going to do if I ever have a gluten-loving husband. Or gluten-loving kids. Woof.

But for now, cheers to you, Rocket!

Go to Chicago. Eat all of the donuts.

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