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Go to Chicago. Eat all of the donuts.


There are donuts in Chicago. I REPEAT: There are DONUTS in Chicago. Gluten-free, of course, but that is implied.

Sure, there were other things too - sight-seeing, boat tours, cute, stylish boys...  but that is not the point of this post.


Do-Rite Donuts & Coffee

Well they sure didn't do wrong... buh, dum, CHING!

Sorry, had to.

No really, this little shop of dough delights is worth a visit for both the gluten-challenged and -privileged alike. Located at East Randolph and North Dearborn (ish? Google it), I was fortunate for this little wonder to be just a few blocks from the hotel I was staying at downtown.

This was my first trip to Chicago, and after only spending four days there, I can't confidently give you any recos on where to stay or what neighborhoods to check out. Was downtown cool? Yes. Was Wicker Park fun? Yes. Were there a million other neighborhoods that I didn't go to but probably should have? Yes. Was the Bean smaller than I expected? Absolutely, but so was the Statue of Liberty, so congratulations "magic of television" for deceiving this Kansas kid for 20+ years. Over it.

Anyway, back to the donuts. You can order them individually, or go straight for a box just for yourself like I did (see above). They sell them by the dozen or half-dozen, and if my budget and belly were twice the size, I'd likely have plunged for the full 12. Yes, they're a tiny bit pricey, but it's a friggin freshly fried, gluten-free donut, iced with magic, cognac and sprinkles (if you're lucky). Live a little.

Do-rite does it right (again, sorry) by keeping their GF gaggle separated from our gluten-filled foes. They use separate fryers, a separate display case, separate tongs... it's basically acceptable and celiac-appreciated segregation, but in this case, everything is separate AND equal. Equally delicious.

The flavors are ridonk, because there are SO MANY (okay, like four). But they always seem to be changing, so for you Chi-town locals, please receive this package of envy. Ask me which one I liked the best, and I would probably end up closing my eyes and pointing. You can't go wrong.

I know there are other gluten-free donuts in other places, but if you're in Chicago, check out this shop. Early. Like, really early. Like before 9 am early. Because they will sell out.

Lou Malnati's Pizzeria

Maybe you need lunch too?




Chicagoans get up. in. arms. about their pizza, and any local who is reading this is probably cringing about this mention, and could probably tell you four better places to get GF pie, but I do not care. I loved it.

There are about ten thousand Lou Malnati's in Chicago, so you should be able to find one pretty easily. It's kind of a chain, so if you're against that, move along. Either way, they offered gluten-free pizza on their menu and prepared it appropriately (ahem, safe oven), so I was in. Gimme dat dough.

P.S. the crust actually had flavor! Cheese flavor. A.k.a. the best flavor.

As far as dinner goes, well, hopefully by then you've swiped right enough to meet a cute local who's hip with the celiac-friendly crowd. If only there was a Tinder filter for that...

Anyway, look at the pictures, salivate, and go.



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