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The lazy celiac's gluten-free poutine

Remember that one time I went to Canada and it was a disaster?

Well, I have prevailed! Maybe if I was able to eat the local poutine while I was there I would have been a little more cheery and a little less "what the eff is going on in my relationship??" (...Nah, who am I kidding. Gravy-covered cheese curds can save a lot of things, but they couldn't have salvaged that.)

Anyway, I've been interested in making my own poutine since that colossal trip, but not interested enough to actually fry fries and figure out how to make gravy. UNTIL NOW. 

The lazy celiac's GF poutine recipe:

1. Save leftover Thanksgiving GF gravy.

2. Pick up fries from Five Guys.

3. Buy some cheese curds.

4. Heat up the leftover gravy.

5. Put it all together.

6. Add wine (..."optional").


Now I get it, Canada. I get it. 

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